Red Eyes Media

Is creating a reuseable gaming platform engine controlled by an external XML script. The engine runs on Android, iPhone-iPad devices as well as the internet. The interchangeability of the XML control file allows game developers to focus on content development instead of platform complience. The following examples show the development of the platform capabilities.

Mountain View

The Game Engine is based on the idea of a ROOM which can have text, images, audio, video and BUTTONS which control the game flow to the next ROOM. The first working ROOM demo is the Dickens Christmas Faire which has 23 rooms of 6-8 pics, plus 13 videos and 9 audios of dance hall theater and performances throughout the faire.
Even one with Scrooge himself!

Dickens Christmas Faire

In Hotel Utah Runabout the ROOMS are based on club pics and videos from the Hotel Utah. It uses EVENT management to keep track of what the player has done, ie. what buttons have been pressed. This allows the game's designer to LOCK a button's outcome until a certain EVENT has happened. HUR also allows conversation with story characters by the use of CONVERSATION trees. It includes an interface for Game Play, Attributes, Inventory, Hints and Credits, plus another interface for GAMESAVE and RESTORE.

Hotel Utah Runabout

Board Game

The next task is producing a board game interface (with characters on cards and their back stories), which directs the flow of your game AND directs you to text, pics and videos in the ROOM world! Stay tuned ;-)